When the writing gets tough, the tough… play a lot of video games. And spend too much time browsing the internet. And stare into space a lot. And do anything other than write. Even cleaning bathrooms starts to seem appealing.

But in an effort to break through the inability to write and the miserable novels that have been works in progress for years (yes, literal years), we are going to write in 1000 word sprints. They’ll be scenes, character sketches, ideas, words that go nowhere, but they’ll be words.

And maybe some of them will eventually be something more, or maybe, even better, some days the words won’t show because the novels will start nudging along again. But the purpose of this blog is to share our words with one another and if you, dear reader, have stumbled onto this blog somehow and wish to read, feel free!

The rules (such as they are):

  1. Keep going until you hit 1000 words. The goal is to get to a flow state, not to write the Great American Short Story.
  2. No major edits. These are first drafts, writing sprints, spontaneous stories, not polished. The aim is not to achieve perfection. (Minor tweaks are okay, though, especially for the obsessive-compulsive types.)
  3. Have fun! If it’s not fun, throw in a ninja or a bunny and find the fun.