Story Genius #2 – Cici 2

In no more than a page, write down why you care about the story that you want to tell. THERE ARE NO WRONG ANSWERS! 

I think it’s fun? It is incredibly pure escapist reading: the reader is escaping from their life, whatever their life includes, and Cici is escaping from her life. And the reader gets to go along on this journey of escape. But I don’t have any deeper goals than that. I think that’s okay — there are no wrong answers. I care about the story because I want to make people, including me, smile. Because I want to be a spark of fun and joy in someone’s day, because I want to give readers that kind of good book glow that has been a delightful life experience for me. I want readers to end with the satisfied sigh, the smile of appreciation, that glow of enjoyment. That’s the goal, nothing bigger (or smaller) than that. I care about creating an experience of fun.

But what does that mean for the story? What makes this story fun? What about it inspires that sense of joy?  Time to think some more…

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